internal, Date: February / 2015

Innovative model for sustainable and modern healthcare

Aossia was invited to take part of the Tenth Jubilee edition of the national e-Health conference „Innovative model for sustainable and modern healthcare“,19 February, 2015, Sofia Hotel Balkan, supported by the European Commission, the Bulgarian Health Parliamentary Commission, the Bulgarian Ministry of Health, the Bulgarian National Health Insurance Fund, the Bulgarian Medical Association and the Bulgarian Red Cross.

Miroslav Ivanov – Sales Manager of Aossia made a real demonstration what the real meaning of Telemedicine is.

Aossia with its innovative Cloud solution for the Healthcare industry demonstrated in front of hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, laboratories and medical centers, representatives of health-insurance companies and funds, heads of ministry directorates, heads and CEOs of health-insurance funds, social security institutes, that the future of Telemedicine is here and available.