internal, Date: April / 2015

New partnership - Aossia and Digital Doc

Because of that Aossia is one of the most innovative Global companies, our Partners are extremely important for us. We are proud to announce we signed a Partner contract with the gold Medalist of “Dental Advisors”, category Top Intraoral cameras, for the last 3 years – Digital Doc ( Our partnership will change the way of patients’ exams in Europe and Russia. A brief information about the Digital Doc and IRIS cameras:

Digital Doc LLC was formed in February of 2004 when David Wilson and three equity partners purchased the original Digital Doc Inc., from a group of northern California venture capitalists. The company’s corporate headquarters are in El Dorado Hills, California, just east of Sacramento.

Digital Doc LLC is now in its 16th year of manufacturing FDA-registered intraoral cameras. Still leading the way with innovative design and increased distribution channels, Digital Doc LLC has delivered more than 35,000 units world-wide. Since the company’s first USB2.0 digital camera was delivered to the market in August 2007, the company has sold more units than any other camera company in North America.

Digital Doc LLC recently delivered the newest and most advanced camera to the industry. IRIS has become an instant success with doctors in North America; this new camera has the most advanced focus design, the smallest LED arrangement at the tip, and the finest image ever seen in an intraoral digital camera supporting a USB2.0 format.

Digital Doc LLC has a clear vision of where it intends to be in the years to come. We have established an outstanding management team, as well as design engineers with unsurpassed knowledge, and a production team that has been together long enough to have assembled nearly all 35,000-plus units. With a succinct vision and a seasoned management team, Digital Doc plans to remain the industry leader in intraoral cameras.

IRIS is an intraoral camera that features a user-friendly, multi-stop focus wheel and a unique USB connector. The IRIS intraoral camera is a precision optical instrument with streamlined features and a tip that is small, narrow and soft. Superior image quality and sharpness are supported by brilliant eight-point LED lighting and Sony's hi-resolution CCD. The camera features dual capture, light, and on/off buttons for right or left-handed convenience, enabling any member of a dental team to capture images quickly and easily. The focus wheel has eight settings for precise focusing from macro to infinity. The IRIS intraoral camera integrates with most major practice management software systems. Computer system requirements include a PC with 2.0 GHz or higher, 1 GB RAM, and a USB 2.0 interface. The camera wand is designed to dock into a standard delivery unit handpiece cradle for easy access and use. The camera includes a holder for installation onto a delivery cart and disposable plastic sheaths. A ring flash attachment is available separately. It charges on the USB port and can be used for full-arch or smile views. The IRIS now has a MAC compatible model available. IRIS was evaluated by nine consultants during a four-month period. This product received a 96% clinical rating.