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This is a solution in the field of Telemedicine that provides an innovative approach in the remote delivery of healthcare services over long distances, including diagnostics, preventive medicine and nutrition. Innovative technologies enable the possibility to offer precise new generation diagnostics.

A core building concept of the project is the idea to sustain the clinical health of patients overcoming distance constraints through telecommunication technologies. The ability to allocate a pool of healthcare specialists in each medicine field, guarantees a fast and effective way to perform consultancy and/or manipulations over long distances. During the consultancy a conference connection to specialists in different fields can be built, who can thus provide their expertise in real-time during the medical examination, irrespective of their location.

Making a recording of the examination itself it is further possible to undergo a second diagnosis or consultancy with different medical experts if needed. It is also possible to create a detailed archive in patient’s record. This allows for detailed analysis of the clinical history of the patient and facilitates a personal approach to the patient.

Creating an electronic patient record enables patient’s continuous awareness for the performed examinations, prescribed therapies and other supporting information. The process includes personal care for the patient like individual advice on seasonal diseases, preventive measures for how to protect and advices based on patient’s individual health parameters. All these can be analyzed in the context of environmental, repeatability and other factors.  

Patients’ confidential information is guaranteed with a system which segregates the access to the information based on layered access controls and strict denial to access requests from unauthorized persons. Highly confidential information is only accessible for authorized employees. Predefined information access segregation rules are utilized for access control to different information classification levels. Each patient is authorized to manage the access to his medical examination results according to his personal access policy. This architecture enables the patient to grant access to his personal identifiable information to certain medical specialists only for complimentary consultancy.

An integrated information system manages the databases in order to ensure consistency of information flows and possibility for analysis and reports generation in real-time. Electronic diagnostics module facilitates specialists in the diagnosis process, by submitting proposals for diagnosis derived from the historically stored information that is accumulated in the database, and the parameters in specific patient’s record. This data consistency and integrity ensures the delivery of informed decisions in the medical fields as well as in areas such as financial security, maintenance, warranty reserves, accounting, quality control and others.

Why AOSSIA Healthcare solution:

  • Our solution and the equipment is also portable/mobile.
  • The people can rely on their doctor 24/7/365 video calls with diagnostic based on the mobility version of the solution.
  • At the moment our solution is the only one that not commits the doctor to be only in the hospital or at its doctor office. Our solution gives the ability of using even an iPad for a medical examination and diagnostic. The mobile version is 100% same like the desktop.
  • Because it is based on a virtual desktop infrastructure the doctors now have the full history and the medical record of patient no matter where they are. The only need is a mobile device or a computer/laptop and internet.
  • The doctors now have the ability to cooperate, invite, discuss online with another doctors (without limitations) in real-time medical examination and diagnostic of the patient. 
  • The patients now are safety 24/7/365 if they bring their bracelet. The bracelet is connected to the Cloud and the doctors have the real-time status of the condition of their patients.

The following results can be achieved:

  • Support medical activities through electronic diagnostics.
  • Data integrity and real-time access to all information.
  • Reduced errors and omissions risk.
  • Optimized information input times.
  • Establishment of clear rules for access to operational data (levels of access).
  • Development of automated workflows.
  • Compliance with pre-defined operating procedures.
  • Easy reporting and monitoring of the activities.
  • Patient records containing complete history of the patient.
  • Efficient resource management - human and material.
  • Increase the efficiency of the personnel.
  • Planning of warehouse resources.
  • Cost optimization.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Financial results tracking.
  • Improved accountability.
  • Development of managerial analysis and reporting.
  • Warranty for achievement of Business objectives.
  • Warranty for implemented processes adoption.