Aossia Healthcare Enterprise Imaging – AHEI/RIS (PACS, Media Viewer, Imaging Importer)

AHEI refers to a set of strategies, initiatives and workflows implemented across a healthcare enterprise to consistently and optimally capture, index, manage, store, distribute, view, exchange and analyze all clinical imaging and multimedia content to enhance the electronic health record so care providers can routinely obtain valuable clinical multimedia with mobile devices, scope cameras, ultrasound and many other modalities at the point of care.
It provides economical storage and convenient access to images from multiple modalities (source machine types).
Electronic images and reports are transmitted digitally via PACS; this eliminates the need to manually file, retrieve or transport film jackets.
Non-image data, such as scanned documents, may be incorporated using consumer industry standard formats like PDF.
It delivers timely and efficient access to images, interpretations and related data.
AHEI/RIS breaks down the physical and time barriers associated with traditional film-based image retrieval, distribution and display.
It provides space advantage over film archives, off-site viewing and reporting (distance education, telediagnosis) and it enables practitioners in different physical locations to access the same information simultaneously.