Doctor in a Pocket

 “Doctor in a Pocket” is a multi-activity platform which targets mainly the end users which needs medical advice as soon as possible or they want to schedule a meeting with a doctor. This is not only an application but platform which connects together the patients, doctors, pharmacies, laboratories and insurance companies into a single, multi-language, feature rich network. 
From the patient perspective the platform is an app which provides diagnosis, treatment and online appointment booking, and allows users to consult with doctors through text, pictures, and video. This is provided by a highly simplified visual interface where, with a few steps, the patients can schedule a meeting, receives a doctor's advice, a prescription and the drugs they need directly at their home. 
The platform will help in two main aspects of the human health – medical care and mental health.
The key features and the possibilities are the following: 

There are many conditions “Doctor in a Pocket” physicians can often treat effectively through a Video Visit – from a sudden rash, a mild muscle sprain, an upset stomach and many more. But for more serious or life threatening conditions, a visit to a doctor or hospital is important and necessary and this can be as a final advice.
There are some additional features of “Doctor in a Pocket” that include: