Business Solutions

Enterprise Printing

The print system considerably increases performance, optimally supports printing, and enables lucrative cost savings in any environment.
Employees now print more flexibly than ever before. Staff can find newly acquired printers, printers with certain print options or printers which they wish to use while visiting a branch office via a simple printer search.
With the increasing prevalence of iPads and iPhones in businesses, the number of users who work with their mobile devices in a session and access enterprise applications continues to grow significantly. This solution enables such employees to print directly from remote and virtual desktop sessions to local, AirPrint-enabled printers. It allows iOS users to print directly from their virtual desktops.
Thanks to push notifications, the user is guided easily through the printing process without having to leave the session.
Direct mobile session printing – in home offices, when visiting branch offices, in meeting rooms or on construction sites.

Best Print and Session Performance


Advantages of Print Management Center

Reduction in the administration burden and associated cost: 

  1. Print server setup or migration in minutes, not in hours,  
  2. Fast updating and consolidation of printer objects.
  3. Support of user productivity,
  4. New printers are made available quickly,
  5. Disaster recovery: Get your printing back online ASAP


Tracking & Reporting

          - Number of pages printed, 
          - Breakdown of print cost,  
          - Printers used & settings made, 
          - Compression level, 
          - Cross check if all print jobs were successful;

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