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Aossia TelePresence collaboration represents a new alternative for face-to-face collaboration by providing life-size, lifelike images and Hi-Fi audio that rival an in-person experience.
Video collaboration from Aossia has become a powerful tool in the enterprise to improve both revenue-driven and operational tasks because 63% of 380 companies identified need to support real-time collaboration by geographically dispersed teams.

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Aossia TelePresence is also a powerful, flexible TelePresence System. The devices feature a revolutionary user interface focused on people and how they communicate in one-on-one and group settings. With Aossia TelePresence customers can quickly and easily access the most common tasks in the context of their interaction.  
Aossia TelePresence turns any flat panel display into a powerful HD telepresence system for small to medium-size meeting rooms. It delivers high-definition video quality, multiparty conferencing and three different camera options to accommodate room size and configurations – all at a value price.

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