Sphere of care

Sphere of Care – The Business mobility in Healthcare

AOSSIA IT Healthcare Innovations, working closely with end user computing solutions from VMware and other technology partners, has developed “Sphere of Care”, a revolutionary and world leading mobile healthcare delivery solution that can be rapidly deployed to areas of emergency need such as natural disasters or large scale outdoor events.
Using virtual desktop technology from VMware, videoconferencing from Cisco, security solutions from Imprivata and the very latest “Internet of Things”, connected medical devices, “Sphere of Care” makes it possible to deliver real medical examinations and advanced patientcare to the point of need, regardless of location and regardless of the mobile technology available – everything that’s needed to save lives.
The “Sphere of Care” is a System for remote video diagnostic. This is an innovative approach to deliver remote healthcare services, including diagnostics, preventive medicine and nutrition. The system comprises of a complex technical solution and ongoing services to deliver videoconferencing capabilities with the System for remote video diagnostics. Converged are the concepts for attendance, real-time medical examination data exchange, video and voice delivery and for desktop/screen sharing into a bundled solution offering. The System incorporates new generation specialized medical equipment integrated with the remote video diagnostics system.
The ability to allocate a “pool” of healthcare specialists in each medicine field, is a guarantee for the fast and efficient way a consultancy service can be provided or a medical manipulation performed, with no limitations on the distance between the locations. 
During the consultancy service a conference communication can be initiated with healthcare specialists in different medicine fields, who can provide their expertise during the examination itself, regardless from their location.
By creating a recording of the examination, it is possible if it is required a re-examine the recording of further consulting it with different experts, as well as create a digital archive of patient’s records. Thus enables a detailed analysis of the patient’s clinical history and facilitates the individual approach.
This System controls the access to and the confidentiality of the information and incorporates a segregation module for layered access control and a control module which denies access to unauthorized persons. Highly confidential information is only accessible for authorized employees. Each authorized employee has a predefined segregated access to the information with respective classification. Each patient is authorized to manage the access to his medical examination results according to his personal access policy. This architecture enables the patient to grant access to his personal identifiable information to certain medical specialists only for complimentary consultancy.


Sphere of care Sphere of care Sphere of care