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VDI – Extreme Mobility

The virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a set of desktop operating environment and business applications. The daily work is done in virtual machines with unique cyber defense. 

With the VDI Solution users are now productive. They can access their virtual desktops and applications from a desktop PC client, thin client, laptop, tablet or smartphone using and get the full features as if the applications were loaded on their local systems, with the difference being that the applications are centrally managed.

In addition, this approach supports a more complete desktop disaster recovery strategy as all components are essentially saved in the data center and backed up through traditional redundant maintenance systems. If a user’s device or hardware is lost, the restore is straightforward and simple, because the components will be present at login from another device. 
Furthermore, because no data is saved to the user’s device, if that device is lost, there is much less chance that any critical data can be retrieved and compromised.

With the VDI Solution users also benefit from an uncompromised protection due to our cyber security and prevention. 

Features of the different VDI Solution:

 - Extreme Mobility Standard Edition - (VDI)

 - Extreme Mobility Light Edition – (VDI)

 - Extreme Mobility 3D Edition - (VDI)

 - Optional (Licenses on a monthly base)

In 2016 3500+ end-users located in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Bulgaria are happy to use Aossia VDI Solution because we are local but we operate Globally.